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Hospitality Management Solutions

We have in collaboration with our overseas associate attempted to provide some state of art institutional furnishing to meet the rich taste of premium clientle. Not only this the customised solutions could be provided to meet the specific requirement including budgetary constraints... We shall be here soon with details of the product/service

Furniture Care

We also protect and maintain your fine furniture during everyday use which would extend the life of the finish and the furniture itself.

Furniture manufacturers today utilize a variety of materials and specialized finishes on indoor and outdoor furniture designed to protect the furniture during regular use.

We can protect the finish on your furniture. Cleaners, waxes and polishes are available to help protect the finish on all of your furniture from scratches and abrasions.

Cleaning and polishing your furniture is done on a regular basis. Dust can accumulate and attracts moisture, which soften the finish on your furniture. This can lead to further damage, possibly to the wood itself.

Choosing the most appropriate tablecloths, runners and table pads that provide the most protection during regular and heavy use of your furniture.

Making furniture to withstand the warm serving dishes on a tabletop and also help protect your furniture from moisture.

We use a variety of furniture care products and methodologies. Our maintenance will give you the years or satisfaction that you expected when purchasing your furnishings.