Hotel & Hospital Services…

  • Laundry

    Linens are a very personal matter for customers.

    They have observed the fact that proper investment in linens, efficient scheduling, the supervision of employee training, and the processes for drying, folding, and distributing linens needs to be efficient and well-structured. The life of the linens should be extended. Both labor and linens must be saved by properly organizing these activities. Laundry is a personal matter for customers.

  • Housekeeping

    The facility managers in Hospitals or Hotels realize the need to maintain their institutions efficiently.

    The need for well clean place with less labor at low cost has become essential. Now people also desire to switch to fully automated systems. This concept has been well recognized by many professional organizations who have taken a highly prudent business decision for implementing a tunnel laundry project.

  • Hotel & Hospital Services

    Laundry Services

    Competitive pressures demand that institutions like Hospitals/ Hotels/ Railways meet the expectations and demands of their patients/ guests/ passengers. However this is not always as easy as it sounds. Managers seek to consider turning their existing laundry arrangements into responsible cost center or support center to meet the demands of its sophisticated clients with out disturbing their bottom line profitability.

    We offer easy solutions for the most critical problems related to different business aspects of our clients. We are proficient in providing a wide range of services which include:

    Our Role

    We offer easy solutions for the most critical problems related to every aspect of laundry setup and operations and are proficient in providing a wide range of services in this regard.

    We assist you in setting up laundry projects whether proprietary or for third party. We do all the scanning, projections and costing and help you choose the reliable and appropriate equipment. We also help you in all negotiations as also in implementing the project.

  • Patient Care

    Our Patient Care Takers are fully trained in the domain and are extremely talented and have vast knowledge of medical terms and medicines for emergency purpose.

    They are also conversant with the equipments of the hospital and provide services like shifting patientís beds and cleaning the patientís room.

    With a professional attitude in their job they are efficient in doing it within the required time range.

    Ward Boys
    AYA / Nursing Aid
    Patient Care Takers

    Guest Services

    Our Housekeeping and Room Attendant boys are extensively trained in the domain and are certified by DGET. They are courteous to all guest and colleagues and their personal grooming ensures a consistently high level of professional appearance.

    They carry out all duties and responsibilities as assignede and ensure that the guest experiences all the comfort and feel welcome by providing personalized service.

    They provide cleaning service to guestrooms and respond to guests requests ensuring maximum guest satisfaction in accordance to Hotel established standards.

    They make sure that all rooms are well supplied and ready on time. To clean guest floors and surrounding service areas in accordance to the standard required by hotel.

  • Furniture Care

    We have in collaboration with our overseas associate attempted to provide some state of art institutional furnishing to meet the rich taste of premium clientle. Not only this the customised solutions could be provided to meet the specific requirement including budgetary constraints... We shall be here soon with details of the product/service

    We also protect and maintain your fine furniture during everyday use which would extend the life of the finish and the furniture itself.

    Furniture manufacturers today utilize a variety of materials and specialized finishes on indoor and outdoor furniture designed to protect the furniture during regular use.

    We can protect the finish on your furniture. Cleaners, waxes and polishes are available to help protect the finish on all of your furniture from scratches and abrasions.

    Cleaning and polishing your furniture is done on a regular basis. Dust can accumulate and attracts moisture, which soften the finish on your furniture. This can lead to further damage, possibly to the wood itself.

    Choosing the most appropriate tablecloths, runners and table pads that provide the most protection during regular and heavy use of your furniture.

    Making furniture to withstand the warm serving dishes on a tabletop and also help protect your furniture from moisture.

    We use a variety of furniture care products and methodologies. Our maintenance will give you the years or satisfaction that you expected when purchasing your furnishings.

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