Logistic Solutions

Handling both Export and Import we provide cargo supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods and services. To meet your requirements, we also assist you in making available the related information from the point of origin to the point of destination

With strong belief in high quality, we keep ourselves focused on offering quality services. Samadhaan is a very reliable and effective source with very sincere and strong business partners providing a wide range of services at economical costs.

Most responsive in the business, we offer a single source control, as well as professional, personalized customer service. Our partners make us one of the smartest service provider providing all export import related activities under one roof.

As part of the "Supply Chain Management", we also offer services which include pick-up, packaging, warehousing, documentation to customs entry and air freight service till the goods reach customer's door safely.

  1. Receiving Cargos.
  2. Picking, Packaging & Storage.
  3. Quality Assurance & Inspection.
  4. Warehousing & Distribution of Inbound and Outbound Cargos.
  5. Space commitments through service contracts with all major carriers.
  6. Dedicated global intermodial operations.
  7. Warehousing, assembly and distribution services.
  8. NVOCC services, including LCL.
  9. Automated cargo and document tracking system.
  10. Comprehensive documentation and banking services.
  11. Vessel booking services.
  12. Electronic Data Interchange with clients and carriers.
  13. Buyers consolidation services.